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Pest Management in Northern New Mexico

With a strong commitment to environmental stewardship, new technology and integrated pest management, Rocky Mountain Pest Control has a fundamental concern for the world we live in. Rocky Mountain Pest Control technicians are certified, and are ... Read more

How We Serve You

• Lawn Spraying
• Home Inspections
• Wood Destroying Organism Inspections
• Termite Treatment for Home Rehab and Remodels
• Subterranean Termite Control
• Dry Wood treatment

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Termite Treatment

We love our environment and our pets. All treatment is done so with environmental conservation in mind. The products we use are selected on effectiveness and safety to humans and pets and the environment. We offer treatments for early detection, nest elimination, and fumigants for large-scale eradication. With more than 30 years as termite control experts, we recommend the installation and inspection of Monitor Stations. If a termite or moisture problem is determined to exist, we provide control and repair services to remove the problem and correct any damage. We offer one time and yearly termite damage plans.

The key to saving your home from termite damage is early detection. If you're noticing changes in integrity of wood surfaces or holes in structural wood, exterior concrete or stucco you're probably too late. Give Rocky Mountain Pest Control a call today for your estimate to keep your home bug-free.